Intake Single Coil RTA Review

augvape intake single coil rta packaging

My intake single RTA review.

First couple of times I fucked up the wicking on this and I either got dry hits or flooded deck. Played around with it and finally got it right. Holy shit is this little thing good on flavour 😲😁👍 it’s not quite on par with the kelpie rta I’ve got but it comes right up behind it. One of the things that I don’t like about my 2 single coil rta’s is the restrictive draw. I love my zues X because it has plenty of airflow if you want it but it just can’t match my 2 singles for flavour.

augvape intake single coil rta tank in black

Here’s my scores out of 10 for the intake single coil.

Looks: 6
Easy to build: 7
Overall: 7

Price: £10 – £15 from the China sites or I’m seeing it in UK online stores for £24.99

augvape intake single coil rta deck

Would I recommend this tank? I have to say if I had bought this before I bought the kelpie I think I would have settled with this tank. Wicked good I could be happy vaping all day on this tank. Now I hear the intake dual is even better and it’s maybe one I’ll try but if your looking for a good single coil rta then you can’t really go wrong with this one.
Happy vaping folks
Skint Vaper 🌬️💨

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