Guess The RTA

My wonderful better half while rummaging at the back and beyond of a cupboard came across a bag of old vape stuff. In there was an old rta I hadn’t seen for quite a while. This was the 2nd rta I bought after my obs engine. I can’t remember how much it cost me but I do remember it nearly killed me with frustration because I just couldn’t get the wicking right. It either leaked like crazy or burnt my throat with horrible dry hits. Seeing it again full of old liquid and mouldy coils I cringed at the memories 😬 however I was a less experienced Vaper back then so thought why not, after a good scrub and some shiney new coils I gave it a go.
Well holy mother of hell, I must have got better with my wicking because this rta is a belter. The flavour is lovely and out with some nice flavour comes some hefty fluffy clouds. I chain vaped the fek out of this thing to try and push a dry hit out of it but I’m pleased to say it was nice and wet all the way. I happen to think this is a good looking big tank that is happily out of retirement and back in rotation. Can anyone tell me from the pic what rta I’m talking about? Cloudy points for those that get it right 😁👍💨
Happy vaping folks
Skint Vaper 🌬️💨

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