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I have been a little later posting to the Skint Vaper Channel this week, I am trying to upload a video at least once a week, preferably on a Sunday however due to spending some quality time with Mrs Skint and the kids I didn’t manage to upload on Sunday. This weeks episode is all my budget friendly tips to keep your vaping costs cheap as possible. I hope you enjoy watching and find it helpful folks. I have some great episodes in the pipeline I think you may like. Tag teaming with my eldest daughter for some cheap juice reviews which should have some shits n giggles. I’m also thinking of doing a weekly bargains show where I will share with you on a weekly basis the bargains I have came across. So my fellow Skint Vapers, have a watch of the video below and dont forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel to be notified of all my new uploads. As promised I have listed links to all the subjects spoken about in the video below.

Website Links


I talked about Nic (Nicotine) in this video but youtube is so strict on nicotine I didnt feel it was wise to even mention the full name. I purchase my nicotine at 72mg strength from Nic Hub, I have always bought my nicotine from here with fast delivery and good prices.

Nic Hub –


There are a lot of websites and even reviewers I haven’t mentioned in the video or listed here. The ones I have listed are the main websites and reviewers I use or have heard good things about. I am discovering new websites and reviewers all the time and will be sharing them with you on my channel, website and social media accounts so make sure you are subscribed and following the Skint Vaper.

Please Note

I just want to mention that I have not benefited financially from promoting any of the websites or reviewers mentioned in this video and that includes the Skint Market. I have simply shared this information to help other vapers or those people considering vaping as an alternative to smoking. The Skint Market is free to use and I do not charge for any of its features, the only benefit I may get from the Skint Market is the same as anyone else, I hope to grab a bargain vape.

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