Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I of course am Skint Vaper, just your every day vaper that likes to keep vaping as cheap and affordable as I possibly can. If you would like to know more about me click here. I also have accounts on all the major social media outlets, please click the links to the right to follow me or subscribe. Below you will find all my latest posts and reviews. I have also included a marketplace on my site for selling all your pre-owned vape stuff.

  • Bargain Vapes Episode 2
    Welcome to another bargain vapes episode from the Skint Vaper youtube channel folks where I share with you all the products I have found during my weekly bargain hunting. I'm a little late with this one this week as my aim is to upload a new show every week on a Sunday but with all … Read more
  • Cheap Eliquid Battle It Out
    I collaborate with my eldest daughter on this one where we review two cheap eliquids from the high street. We hope to provide a varied opinion on eliquids we review as we are very different in our preferences, I enjoy a nice dessert flavour and she enjoys a fruit/menthol flavour. We put two of them … Read more
  • Weekly Bargain Vapes Show – 22nd March 2020
    Every week I will be uploading a video to my youtube channel and facebook page to share with you all my bargain hunting finds. I am a little late with the show this week partly due to the fact I am busy looking after 2 toddlers and a baby, partly due to the current chaos … Read more
  • Vape Site Review – UK Vape Clearance
    After coming across the UK Vape Clearance website being mentioned in one of the Facebook vaping groups I had a nosey. I had not used this site before and I was quite impressed with some of their prices so I thought I would do a site review and take you with me through my first … Read more
  • Cheaper Vaping
    I have been a little later posting to the Skint Vaper Channel this week, I am trying to upload a video at least once a week, preferably on a Sunday however due to spending some quality time with Mrs Skint and the kids I didn't manage to upload on Sunday. This weeks episode is all … Read more
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