Skint Vaper

So what’s my story? Ok folks I’m a new vape reviewer on the scene that likes to keep my vape on the cheaper side of shit. You watch a lot of reviewer’s that sit there vaping on their fancy DNA mod with their £60+ tank/dripper thinking if only. F**k that shit. One of the reasons I went from smoking to vaping was to save the pennies not to spend even more on all this fancy vape shit that tbh does just about exactly the same as the cheaper stuff. I started on an Innokin Technology mod and a Kangertech tank back in 2013, both were the cheapest available at the time and tbh both compared to now were f*****g terrible. Due to this I slipped in and out of vaping over the years. To make shit cheaper I went into rebuildables and got my first rta f**k knows when, that was the obs engine 1. I bought this purely for the fact it was a top airflow and I was sick of my stock smok coils leaking all over me. Saying that about smok, at the same time as I bought my obs I got myself a smok g-priv mod. My first real mod, over £50 on fastech (which was a massive gamble for me as I had never bought off the Chinese sites). Both my obs and my g-priv took a lifetime to arrive but the fact I got them and they were in working order really impressed me. The touchscreen of the g-priv had my eyes all shiney and my inner child squealing with glee but the fucking nightmare of wicking an rta soon killed that buzz. Don’t get me wrong the obs engine and the obs frost rdta (which I ordered a couple of days after the engine and arrived a couple of days later) were good quality products but I just didn’t have a clue. I either got dry hit after dry hit meaning I was adjusting my wattage up and down like a yo-yo to try and fix the dry hits or I was getting a flooded deck. I watched reviewer’s and read all the outdated shit on google to fix it. If I got it right it didnt last long, ended up spending more on juice, coils and wick to try and figure this shit out. Eventually I stuck to the frost rtda because I found it the easiest to wick and run and the engine went into a cupboard to be forgotten. After nearly 3 years vaping I went back to the stinkies. Anyway February 2019 everything changed again, my better half announced we were on way to having our 3rd child and we immediately quit the stinkies and started vaping. I pulled the old g-priv from the cupboard praying it would still be working and to my surprise it’s still going strong along with the old batteries 😂. This amazes me, any batteries that you read the specs and description say they diminish after 500 charges, f**k that I must be on the 5000 mark with these lads 😂. Can’t remember what they are but pretty sure they are Samsung’s, I rewrapped them when I got them so not sure what the specs are.
After taking the old g-priv out of retirement I didn’t initially get the obs rtas back out. Due to past experience I thought no I’ll go with stock coils but I want a big ass tank. Trusting smok (g-priv left a loyalty mark on me) I went for the tfv12 and what a f*****g nightmare that turned out to be. My name isn’t Skint Vaper for nothing, and buying smok coils isn’t my f*****g hobby 🤨. I quickly realised I will need to rethink my wallet and that would mean rta and diy eliquid. At this point I’m scared of bottom airflow tanks because leaking drives me f*****g nuts so I’m on the hunt through review after review for a top airflow rta. This is when I first thought of the Skint Vaper. These reviewer channels on YouTube were pumping out review after review praising pod after pod 😜 (f*****g pods, what’s that shit all about, just because you get it for free doesn’t mean you need to bore us to death). I thought hey apart from the cheap shit pods a lot of this shit is way above my budget, then I see these vapers in their weekly specials sucking on their £100 plus setups and I’m thinking stop the f*****g show a second. I can’t afford that fancy shit, and what about the other viewers like me that have a low budget, I suppose you would try to push us one of your cheap shitty pods? I could do better than that, I could give an unbiased, bullshit free review for vapers like me. Those that have trouble wicking, those that have never tried a dripper, those that have a limited budget that doesn’t include your fancy DNA mods or don’t have the time/patience to work out wtf mech mods even f*****g are. I get a lot of these reviewer’s have been in the game a long time but I haven’t, not really. I haven’t explored half the shit these endless walking bank accounts have and probably will never get the chance to test a DNA. Know what? I’m cool with that. I have a G-priv that had lasted me 3 years and is still going strong. I got myself a geekvape zues X rta (£27) to put on top of that g-priv and as long as you use shoelace cotton on that zues you will be fine. Impressed with the zues and by watching reviews on YouTube I got myself a geekvape legend (£47) and what a f*****g mod. I then wanted to try a single coil rta and nabbed one off my fellow Scotsman Vaping With Vic the little kelpie. This little shit gave me some wicking headache (yes I watched Vic’s video a hundred times along with other reviewers) but when I got it (finally 🙄) I f*****g got it. WOW WHAT THE F**K IS THAT FLAVOUR 😁😁😁
Now just because I got the wicking right on the kelpie doesnt mean I’ll get it right every time lol. One thing I have learned is to push the bottom of the cotton up against the top of the juice flow, this seemed to work for me. Then follow Vic’s video.
I received the intake single coil rta today and if I’m totally honest I’ve had a quick coil and wick, I’m not overly impressed so far but give me a chance. I shall let you know tomorrow 😉👍

Anyone that read this whole thing, you deserve a f*****g medal (I fell asleep halfway through 😂). At this moment I’m toying with reviewing, it’s not something I’m mega serious about as yet. I’m going to be sharing my bargains with you when I find them ect… And all my thoughts will be 100% honest, I really don’t give a shit for Chinese thoughts on me or if I’ll get money/free stuff. If I do it then it’s because I want to not because I’m being paid. That’s the bottom line 😉👍
Happy vaping folks
Skint Vaper 🌬️💨