Skint Market Guidelines

The Skint Market is something I thought of adding to the Skint Vaper website after struggling to find somewhere to sell my own second hand vape gear. If you have tried then you will have shared my frustrations with all the social networks and auction sites that have such an anti vaping attitude. So here we are giving this a go and we shall see where it takes us. Obviously I have to include some rules & guidelines to make sure we all behave ourselves and limit any misbehaviour to a minimum. I don’t want anyone to be on the receiving end of a con, whether that be losing money or losing a product. While I cannot guarantee it wont happen I can try to limit the risk. I am limited myself as to what I can actually do about it, if a buyer/seller is reported to me for providing the money/product I will of course look at the case and ban them from the group is needed. You can do a lot also to try and limit the risks such as:

If you haven’t had any previous experience with a particular buyer/seller then ask them for links to their social media accounts so that you may verify their identity. Ask them for a link to their Ebay profile if they have one which should provide you with their Ebay feedback. Do not feel insulted if another market user asks you for these details, there is nothing wrong with checking and double checking everything.

Only do transactions through paypal, if you use any other means of payment then you do so at your own risk, at least with paypal if it goes wrong paypal themselves will try and help you resolve the situation.

Sellers should never send and item to a buyer without receiving payment beforehand, when sending items through the mail ALWAYS use tracking postage preferably requiring a signature.

If you feel you have been conned out of a product or money please feel free to let me know by emailing me You use the market section of this website at your own risk and I can in no way be held responsible for any loss incurred. I will try to assist you in resolving any dispute to the best of my abilities however I ask that you recognise my abilities are far below that of Ebay or other known market place admins.

Only Vape related products are allowed on the Skint Market and absolutely NO ELIQUIDS or nicotine AT ALL. The no E-liquids and Nic thing isnt anything to do with laws or such, its really more to do with health and safety. If you buy a liquid from the Skint Market then you really cant be sure what is in that liquid, could be rat poison for all you know. So no liquids or edibles of any type folks please.

Absolutely no abusing other users. If you are not happy with a market user then you are free to email me and report them but you will be banned if you abuse or harass another market user either through the market or other means.

This brings me on to the last point I want to make, if you lose your money or a product either doesn’t arrive or is absolute shit, this is not my fault! If you use the Skint Market you and only you are responsible for the risks you take. I simply provide and maintain the market as a free service, that is as far as my responsibilities go. If your not able or willing to recognise that then don’t use the market, simple! I don’t have to keep this market on my website, I do it because I genuinely believe it is something us vapers could do with.

With all that said and done please enjoy the Skint Market folks. If we work together we can try to keep it honest and worthwhile. Happy vaping.