Skint Market Guide


The Skint Vaper Market is a free to use marketplace feature within the Skint Vaper website.  Unlike Ebay, Amazon or other large marketplace websites the responsibility within selling and buying is that of the user and not Skint Vaper or the Skint Vaper website.  You use the Skint Market at your own risk and Skint Vaper or the Skint Vaper website cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred while using the Skint Market.  It is highly recommended users make and receive all payments via paypal which will provide them with the paypal resolution service if any problems do arise between buyer and seller.  Any transaction whether it be buying or selling is a personal arrangement between buyer and seller, users can contact Skint Vaper to ask for advice and assistance however please be aware Skint Vaper cannot force users to reimburse money or return products.  Any users found by Skint Vaper not to be completing their part of any agreement in full or operating dishonestly within the Skint Market will be removed and blocked from the Skint Vaper website, all users will also be notified and advised not to enter into any agreements with the user.

With all the serious stuff out of the way I just want to say that my vision for the Skint Market is that of a community spirit, a place we can get to know each other and trust each other.  If you are unsure of any seller or buyer then do your research, ask them for their personal social network details, a telephone number ect..  if they refuse then that is totally within their rights to do so however if your not entirely happy about entering an agreement with a user then its simple, don’t!  If we work together in an honest and trustworthy manner then we could have ourselves a great little marketplace for everyone.