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Skints True Story

Who Is Skint Vaper

Welcome to my little story where I tell you a little more about me and my journey.  The photographs featured on this page are those of me and my first love, my amazing wee family.  I live in the Highlands of Scotland surrounded by the most stunning scenery and it was here I started taking a serious attempt at vaping as an alternative to smoking.  I had tried the cigalike products you can buy from the supermarkets but nothing worked.  It wasnt until I purchased the Innokin Coolfire Kit back in 2014 followed by the Kangertech Aero Tank (a beast of a tank) that I really gave it a proper go and succeeded.  A year or so later I purchased my first REAL mod and tank, the Smok Gpriv and the OBS Engine RTA.  I had owned some stock coil tanks and kits before then, usually Smok but I was never happy about the cost of these and how they never lasted long.  After watching youtube reviewers on youtube (mainly vaping with vic) I learned about rebuildables and I never looked back, I absolutely loved the OBS engine and the frost RDTA.  I loved the simplicity and cost reduction of building my own coils, I quickly followed this with mixing my own eliquid and apart from a short period of time I returned to smoking in 2018 (don’t ask lol) I have been a vape enthusiast ever since.

Why The Skint Vaper?

There were two main reasons I wanted to quite smoking, for my children and to save money.  Smoking over the years has become increasingly expensive to the point where spending that much money on a nasty habit is unsustainable and insane.  I have always hated the idea of being addicted to anything, I have never enjoyed being controlled by anything or anyone.  It was always my goal to quite smoking as soon as I could and actually managed it once for a period of 4 years by going cold turkey.  Truth is I should never have started again but while I may not like the idea of addiction I have a bit of an addictive nature and the temptation never left me.  Vaping has been my only real success story when it comes to quitting the stinkies as my 5 year old daughter calls them and for some time now I have been vaping at 1mg nicotine strength.  I could easily reduce my nicotine to zero however most of it is in the mind and even though 1mg is virtually nothing it allows my mind to think its something if you know what I mean.

Vaping has become more of a hobby than a habit in my life, collecting the hardware, mixing the flavours and all that comes with a hobby.  At the turn of 2020 my wee family when through a change where me and Mrs Skint changed roles within the household, I gave up work to become a househusband while Mrs Skint went into employment.  After years of doing an excellent job of raising our children we thought I could take my turn and I have to say while its probably the hardest job I have ever had it has been great to spend so much time with the kids.  While the kids are at school I was looking for something creative to do with my time, a little hobby if you like.  I could have taken up woodwork, car engines or even knitting but no my bright idea was to start a vape review channel on youtube.  I had a youtube channel years ago where I uploaded mixed content and I even have a video on that channel that is just a couple of hundred views from 1 million however I have never appeared in front of the camera before.  A set of skills I am proud to actually have is that of the bargain hunter, I have always had a keen eye for a bargain, I also like to try and keep my vaping costs as low as possible.  I mix my eliquids with one or two concentrates to keep costs low, I compare prices on lots of different websites to get the cheapest deal and I’ll even put my used cotton through the wash to use it again (that last one is a joke btw although I probably would if I thought it would work haha).  So when setting up the channel I didn’t see any vape reviewers solely focused on budget vaping so I saw an opportunity and went with it.  The name skint vaper was just common sense for the type of channel I wanted to portray and fitted like a glove.  The support I have received from the vaping community and other reviewers has been absolutely amazing and I cannot thank them enough, it was a huge step for me going in front of the camera but they have all made it a lot easier.  I am not entirely sure what the future holds for Skint Vaper and the channel, I never really entered into it with a clear cut plan, I just wanted to try and help other vapers and in particular new vapers.  I am always one for trying new ideas and thinking out of the box so I can imagine there will be some hits and some misses but thats what keeps life interesting.   If you havent done so already I would really appreciate if you could subscribe to the youtube channel and follow the Skint Vaper on Facebook. Twitter and Instagram.